Qualifications: FA Level 1&2 in Football Coaching.


I am a qualified FA Level 2 Football coach, I have gained my Level 2 community sports leader award and also my higher sports leader level 3 award.  I am a bright enthusiastic coach who has a vision of improving players at every level of the beautiful game and also helping those who want to progress further towards their goals.


I first started coaching at the age of 14 when I had been asked to volunteer at one of my local football clubs (Someries Youth), At the time I was currently playing in Northampton Town's youth academy set up and had never thought about the coaching side of the game before. After a couple of months of helping out and being mentored by various coaches I started to develop an interest in player development despite only being young myself. This new found passion then drove me towards getting my FA Level 1 in coaching football qualification and taking the sports coaching route in my education at School and college.


After coaching for a couple of years within local schools whilst being at college working with different ability groups and ages (3-14) during this time i also worked with groups with physical and mental impairments , I left at the age of 17 and joined Venue 360, a Leisure centre based in Luton where I would then further my coaching education and gain my FA Level 2 in coaching football qualification.


Football and Sport has been a passion of mine from a young age and this mixed with my strong work ethic has provided me with a solid platform to work on to produce a top quality service to clients. I take great pride in being able to adapt to needs of clients quickly to be able to fine tune their key technical and physical aspects of their game which enables them to have the best football experience. 



Age: 26
Qualifications: FA Level 1&2 in Football Coaching, FA Level 1 in Goalkeeping, FA Youth Module 1 and 
BA (Hons) in Sports Science and Coaching..

I started coaching at the age of 16 whilst working at Venue 360 helping out on the Saturday morning kids football programme. The ages we coach are from 3-14. Seeing the kids learn something and with a smile on their face this is when I knew that I actually enjoyed this and wanted to become a football coach.


This is when I decided to aim towards my coaching qualifications which is what I ended up doing. Since then I started to take more of a lead role and become head coach at Venue. It made me of a role model for the younger coaches who I could pass on my experience and knowledge too and at the same time still learning myself.


A couple of years ago an opportunity come up for me to coach with a football academy in Mexico. I worked with very talented kids and their was kids who only just started out playing football so it was a good to coach a different range of abilities. The academy had a certain way of playing which I had to adjust to as I have never had my own teams to coach before which was out of my comfort zone but as a coach you have to adapt to your surroundings. It opened my eyes, not just the football but to a way of living. 


Coming back here to coach from Mexico has made me a more confident coach and has opened my mind up to new ideas to bring to my coaching style.  Most of my life has been surrounded by sport and football, this with enjoying has made me want to coach to the best of my ability and see players improve every time they play football. 


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